Formulation Tools

The tools on this page are provided free of charge by JW Solutions B.V.
Johann Wiechers nor JW Solutions B.V. accept any responsibility for mistakes and the consequences thereof in your formulation work.

1. HLB calculator
With this tool, you can calculate the HLB of a combination of two surfactants.
Input parameters: the HLB of the two surfactants and the required HLB;
Output parameter: the ratio in which you need to mix the two surfactants.
Download link: in the download section at the bottom of this page.

2. HLB-NAC calculator
For those of you that heard me speak about the "Hydrophilic-Lipophilic Difference – Net Average Curvature (HLD-NAC)" theory, which provides the basis for a more efficient use of surfactants in the context of microemulsions (higher solubilization at lower surfactant levels), please be aware that the software associated with the HLD-NAC theory can now be freely downloaded from the website of Prof. Steven Abbott. This is the computer package I also showed during my presentations.