Formulating for Efficacy: Clinical Proof

Following the original paper in which Wiechers et al. showed that one can optimise the skin delivery of active ingredients via the use of the "Formulating for Efficacy" formulation strategy, the next item that needed to be addressed was whether the use of this formulation approach also results in enhanced clinical efficacy.

The paper that can be downloaded here describes exactly that. It shows that there is a direct correlation between enhanced skin delivery and enhanced skin efficacy. It also shows that one can often lower the level of active ingredient in a formulation without losing any clinical efficacy at all!

But, as will become apparent when reading the paper, this is not the case when simply reducing the concentration in a constant formulation. One needs to keep the ratio between active ingredient, primary emollient and secondary emollient the same to keep the clinical efficacy the same.

The theory behind "Formulating for Efficacy" can now be used for cosmetic formulations by using the newly generated computer software program "Formulating for Efficacy, the Software". See for more details and purchasing this practical formulation aid.