Johann teams up with two fellow top cosmetic scientists to deliver perfect formulations right first time!

February 16, 2011

formula3 logoIn January 2011 Johann had very fruitful discussions with Prof. Dr. Gerd Kutz (Germany), Dr. Luigi Rigano (Italy) and Robert Fischer (Germany) to set up “Formula3”. Formula3 is the fastest way to a successful formulation from three totally different perspectives.

Gerd will talk about how to optimize the physical stability of a cosmetic formulation, Luigi about how to optimize the sensory aspects of a cosmetic formulation, while Johann will optimize the skin delivery of the active ingredient from a cosmetic formulation.

All three experts will put their individual requirements on the table, but what do you do if the chemical requirements are completely different to achieve the physical, the stability and the efficacy objectives? After three individual sessions on what is needed, the three cosmetic scientists will team up together to go for the gold medal of successful cosmetic formulating. How to get a stable formulation that feels great and does deliver the claimed efficacy in the shortest time possible? Can the individual requirements be combined in a single successful formulation?

Come and find out at Formula3. The start of the racing season for this trio will be in Istanbul, Turkey, Tuesday May 31, 2011.
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