Johann Wiechers honoured by the Academia de Ciencias Farmacéuticas de Chile

May 29, 2010

On May 28, 2010, Sr. Antonio Morris, President of the Academia de Ciencias Farmacéuticas de Chile (Chilean Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences) presented in front of the Chilean flag the medal and the Diploma of the Society to Johann Wiechers to merit his relevant contributions to pharmaceutical sciences (which, in Chile, includes cosmetic science). This happened after his presentation at the Academy in Santiago de Chile.

In recognition of his work for cosmetic delivery from topically applied products, both in the academic as well as the industrial field, Johann was asked to join the Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences of Chile in South America. This normally is associated with a ceremony in which the Certificate and its associated Medal are handed over to the newly admitted member of the Academy.

It took a little while before Johann was able to receive his Certificate and Medal in front of the members of the Academy, but his trip to Sao Paulo in Brazil where he was asked to provide the openings lecture of the 24th Congresso Brasiliero de Cosmetologia did bring him close enough to Santiago de Chile to deliver his acceptance lecture.

For more than one hour, Johann spoke about the delivery gap as a tool to identify which skin delivery system you should use to crack the problem at hand. This was followed by an extensive lunch at El Mesón Nerudiano, a restaurant that is located in one of the four houses that once belonged to the Chilean Literature Nobel Prize winner Paulo Neruda, whose daughter is buried in Gouda, the small town in The Netherlands where Johann now lives.