New Formulation Workshop: “From Active Ingredient to Active Formulation in Five Simple Steps”

March 9, 2011

In collaboration with Reed Exhibition, the organizers of in-cosmetics, Johann Wiechers will once again teach a new class in Scientific Formulating. In his new course entitled “From Active Ingredient to Active Formulation in Five Simple Steps” he will discuss first how to pick the right ingredients that can penetrate the skin, second how to relate this to the biological activity of the active via the Skin Delivery Gap (see elsewhere on this website).

The size of the Skin Delivery Gap determines which skin delivery system you should use. The most common skin delivery system is the emulsion, and therefore in the fourth part of his talk, he will focus on the formulation strategy “Formulating for Efficacy”.

During this workshop, he will demonstrate the use of his newly developed computer software programme called “Formulating for Efficacy, the Software”. After entering your emollients and your actives, the computer calculates which combination of emollients is most suited to deliver your active into the skin. Existing formulations can be optimized too. Multiple actives and natural extracts will also be discussed.

Finally, he will show clinical results of formulations that have been created in this way, indicating that you do not always need to add more active to your formulation to get more clinical efficacy.

The software will be for sale from 28 March 2011 onwards via If you would like to be informed when the programme will be released, please send an email to

Date: 29 March 2011, 14.00 - 18.00 hrs.
Centro Congressi Stella Polare
Room Sagitarius, Upper Floor

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