On the road again...

January 11, 2011

Quite unique within the IFSCC is the collaboration between the Portuguese and the Brazilian Societies of Cosmetic Scientists. While the Portuguese Society is characterized by an unusual high number of academics, the Brazilian is characterized by its need for cosmetic training as the size of the cosmetic industry keeps growing. Right now, Brazil is the third biggest user of cosmetic products worldwide!

The two societies collaborate by organizing a training for young cosmetic scientist where the majority of the tutors comes from Portugal. Johann has been invited to join in as the only non-Portuguese speaking trainer. The training lasts 5 days, from Monday 14 February till Friday 18 February and will take place in the office of the ABC, the Brazilian Association for Cosmetology.

Johann will speak on different subjects, ranging from the influence of formulation type (oil-in-water, water-in-oil, oils, gels, etc.) on skin delivery to the influence of formulation manufacturing procedures (especially droplet size) on the skin delivery of actives. His last presentation will be about 5 steps in which to formulate your product, including the Skin Delivery Gap and Formulating for Efficacy.