Sensory lecture in Portugal

March 7, 2011

On March 18, 2011, Johann will have the final lecture at the third National Congress of Dermatocosmetic Sciences, organized by the SPCC (the Portuguese Society of Cosmetic Science).

His lecture entitled “Sensory aspects of cosmetic products: How to create the desired feel of your product?” will discuss the practical aspects of skin sensory studies. How do you feel a skin feel? How objective are the observations? Is a cosmetic formulator per definition the best sensory expert? Why is sensory evaluation almost always done by women? How do I add that lustrous feel to my formulation?

The lecture will be entertaining, with a very serious undertone. While great fun to do, the fundamentals of sensory research are very serious indeed. But it won’t hurt anyone if the last lecture of the day will also be a bit entertaining…

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