Wiechers on cosmetics: memories of a cosmetically disturbed mind

October 6, 2010

Book cover: Wiechers on cosmetics: memories of a cosmetically disturbed mindJohann Wiechers has a mind of his own. He calls it like he sees it, and has a remarkable gift of exposing what is inconsistent, incomplete or just plain wrong in cosmetic science. This book combines more than 50 columns that he published over the last decade, all of them unedited. Both hilarious and confrontational, his is a cosmetically disturbed mind that informs and entertains in equal measure.

Addressing — and in some cases engaging with blunt force — the degree to which evolving governmental regulations, as well as nongovernmental interest groups' growing influence on policy, impact the global cosmetics industry, Wiechers's voice bears a uniquely cynical flavor, tempered by both his years of frontline experience and a genuine affection for the history and integrity of the cosmetics industry.

He further intuits connections between cosmetics and other ancillary markets, begging questions such as, “How do trends in other markets affect cosmetics, and vice versa?” and “What can the cosmetics industry learn from (e.g.) the foods industry, the medical industry, or even the world of media and entertainment?” — and he doesn't just beg these questions, he offers his own “flavored” answers to them!

This e-book's chef d'oeuvre is Wiechers's five-part treatise, “Is Cosmetic Science Really Bad?” in which he examines the debate, from all sides — and there are more than two! — over whether cosmetics are indeed harmful or whether fear of such is just so much puffery.

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